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RFID Systems Singapore

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RFID Systems Singapore


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Warehouse RFID System

Warehouse Inventory Management RFID Systems

Tracking the inflow and outflow of inventory in warehouse can improve efficiency and reduce unwanted cost. As a result, we can install RFID gantries and RFID antennas at strategic locations on your factory entrance/exit points, as well as on the production floor itself. Consequently, suitable RFID tags can be then used to track the goods, and integrated with your work order systems.

Metal Equipment RFID Tracking

Traditional passive RFID tags have limitations function in environments that contain metal and liquid. However special anti metal RFID tags can be used for this purpose. We provide RFID systems for warehouse with metal beams, factories that would like to track their metal equipment, logistic companies looking to track their shipping containers, and all other metal tracking applications.


On Metal RFID Tracking


Patient Tracking System

RFID Patient Tracking System.

Tracking patients in clinics and hospitals allow hospitals to ensure their safety and also real time visibility on their whereabouts. This is especially critical for dementia patients and others who might have lost their way. Consequently, we can install both active and passive RFID systems to monitor the patients in hospitals.


Shipping Container Tracking System

Shipping Containers RFID Tracking System

Manually recording of shipping container whereabouts is labour intensive and inefficient. Therefore, a RFID Container Tracking System can be used to update your container whereabouts when it reaches the end destination. In addition, a RFID handheld reader can be used to scan the tags and transmit the information real time to your cloud server.

RFID Cabinet/ Smart Shelves

A smart shelve that only allows authorised personnel to scan their access pass and open the cabinet is beneficial to monitor controlled goods. In addition the cabinet  can update the inventory levels in real time, preparing you to replenish your stock and alerting you when an authorised person is removing items. RFID cabinets are commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, and government organisations.

RFID Smart Cabinet


RFID Gates Singapore

RFID Gates for Access Monitoring

RFID Gates can be used for exhibitions and trade shows to track the number of visitors, as well as placed at strategic points to monitor popular booth areas. RFID Gates can also be used in warehouses or factories to monitor the inflow and outflow of goods. Alarms can be triggered if a pre defined RFID tag goes past the gates, and is commonly used by retailers to prevent shop theft.


RFID Gantries Singapore

RFID Gantries for Personnel Tracking

RFID Gates might not be suitable for businesses that cannot afford floor space to be used for such applications. Hence we can place overhead RFID readers and antennas to be used as an alternative. In addition, RFID gantries also act as a discreet monitoring tool, compared RFID gates.

RFID Conveyor Belt System

RFID Antennas can be installed in customised conveyor belts for your application needs. Applications of RFID in conveyor systems include production floor tracking systems, pallet or tray tracking systems, as well as food tray return systems.

RFID Conveyor Belt System

RFID Document Tracking

Documents are hard to track in a office environment and often lost under a pile of other documents. RFID Document Solutions allow you to track the movement of files within the office, as well as locate files in shelves easily.

RFID Document Tracking


RFID Linen Management

RFID Laundry Management

RFID linen management allow organisations such as hotels and country clubs to keep track of the linen and manage the inflow and outflow. Reduce economic loss and increase accountability by deploying a laundry management system. 

RFID Tags commonly used


Passive/Active RFID Card

RFID Wristbands

Passive/Active RFID Wristband

RFID Seal Tag

UHF Plastic Seal Tag

RFID Anti Metal Tag

UHF RFID Anti Metal Tag

RFID Labels

RFID Adhesive Label

RFID Silicone Laundry Tag

RFID Silicone Laundry Tag

 RFID Solution Provider Singapore


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